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Oldfield Primary School

A community of proud and resilient children who are learning to take their place in the world.


Achieving the best possible academic standards.

Our Whole School overview selects objectives from the Hamilton Trust scheme of work. There is a clear progression of working scientifically from Year 1 to Year 6. Children use scientific equipment to make observations and predictions, to ask and answer questions, to carry out comparative tests and to analyse data.  Topics are revised, revisited and explored in greater depth as children progress through the school to ensure retention of key knowledge and frequent practise of scientific skills. We know the importance of fostering curiosity and allowing exploration and hands on learning:  time is allowed for experiments to fail, to be repeated, analysed and discussed. Up to date science texts are kept in each class to enable children to read around the subject and gain a deeper knowledge.

science whole school overview 2021.pdf


Science and Outdoor Learning at Oldfield

All children have opportunities to engage in practical science activities both inside and outdoors. We have an Eco Room, extensive grounds, a nature trail, a field, a variety of trees and plant life and access to ‘Brambles’ area for the pond and scouting activities.  It is our intent that children learn to love and appreciate this natural environment and develop a sense of stewardship and responsibility towards the Earth.

Demonstrating a sense of pride and knowledge about their environment and community.

Children explore the grounds of the school from nursery onwards and in Key Stage 1 make trips to our local nature reserve at Perivale Wood, with its tailor-made science workshops in ancient woodland. In Key Stage 2 the children are able to use the science labs and expertise at William Perkin High School to develop more advanced science learning with the guidance of experts. We have talks and visits from experts and make links with other subjects e.g. meeting an NHS nurse to link to the history of nursing topic. Parents with jobs in science are invited to share their expertise to encourage aspiration and pride amongst the children.  

Feel confident in their abilities, and know how they can make a difference

As children grow and develop, they are encouraged to take more responsibility in science lessons, choosing their own equipment and designing their own experiments; they use increasingly complicated equipment record findings in greater detail, applying their maths skills.

The principles of sustainability and global citizenship are embedded throughout our science programme. Children are equipped to understand current, pressing issues such climate change and the effect of human behaviour on our planet. As they learn about the problems, they are encouraged and supported in taking action and becoming confident and outspoken global citizens.  


  • Most children will achieve end of Key Stage age related expectations with many greater depth
  • Children will retain key scientific knowledge and develop science skills for life.
  • Children will be able to thinking critically and question and reason with good oracy.
  • Children will have a deep respect for and understanding of the local and global environment
  • Children will know how to make a difference by living sustainably and using their voice for change.