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School Council Minutes 13.01.22

Item Raised

Action to take


Play huts- writing needs removing from inside

More bins outside-perhaps with lids, due to fox removing rubbish


When are the water fountains able to be used again?


Younger year groups would like the opportunity to play with football sized balls that the older children play with.

Each class would like their own supply of equipment

Speak to School Business Manager to work done.




We will review COVID restrictions and when there is less of a risk , we can use them again.


Mrs Taylor will look at the equipment and use some money from Friends of Oldfield.


Need sturdier seats in lunch hall

Could we have ice lollies again ?

We don’t like the lamb option with the roast dinners. Custard needs to improve

We need longer in the lunch-hall to eat our dinners

We’d like more choice of what we eat on a daily basis

Christmas Dinner was not as good as last year


Mr McCormack to speak to Chef about some of these issues


More English please

Longer playtimes on Fridays



Could we have a coach to swimming pool as it is a long walk


Mr McCormack said that if we had too much play, the curriculum would not be able to be taught


The swimming pool is a mile away which is not too bad for year 4 to walk. The school would not be able to afford a coach and there could be fewer resources for other things as a result.


More educational clubs-how about Portuguese?


We could ask teacher to repeat Spanish class.


Year 1 and 2 felt that children were being “kind” to each other.