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Oldfield Primary School

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Religious Education

Our intent for RE is to use a range of strategies to allow children to think and consider the big questions that the RE curriculum brings.  We aim to ensure that all thinking and reflection time is purposeful and leads to deeper learning. To ensure that this happens, we are mindful of thinking and reflection when planning units of work that consider big questions. All children at our school take part in weekly RE lessons that cover the six main religions. Throughout the year each year group will visit a different place of worship.

Our primary school curriculum works with the Ealing SACRE agreed syllabus with a new scheme of work - RE Today.  It aims to challenge children to learn about a range of religions and non-religious worldviews whilst also considering the big questions of life. 

At our school we want to ensure that our children go out into the world with the knowledge and skills to understand the beliefs of others and live in today’s diverse and ever changing world.  

Through a good understanding of the variety of faiths in the community, we want to ensure that children exhibit  tolerance by knowing which key values and themes underpin all beliefs.

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