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Oldfield Primary School

A community of proud and resilient children who are learning to take their place in the world.

Parent Class Representatives

The Parent Representatives play an important role in maintaining good communication between parents and keeping them informed of activities and events.

The Parent Representative may help with class activities and encourages other parents to get more involved in school life.

The Parent Representative passes on ideas/requests from the parents to the senior leader who works closely with them. Meetings take place once every half term. 

Parent Representative List 2023/2024

YR OAK Vacancy
YR ASH Vacancy
Y1/2 PINE Mary-Anne Gumayagay
Y1/2 SPRUCE Esther Garcia
Y1/2 YEW Baraa Al Saedi/Sharmin Sultan
Y3/4 BIRCH Vacancy
Y3/4 SYCAMORE Vacancy
Y3/4 WILLOW Mihaela Valkova/Esther Garcia
Y5 MAPLE Fatima Saleh
Y5 PALM  Ian Barwick
Y6 ACER Dalal Al-Ameri


School staff on committee: Mr McCormack, Mrs Marrocco, Mrs Morris, Miss Maynard,            Mrs Siudmak

Chair: Mrs Garcia

Secretary: Mr Barwick

Treasurer: Miss Borrajo