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Oldfield Primary School

A community of proud and resilient children who are learning to take their place in the world.


Oldfield Primary School has adopted the Ealing PSHE scheme of work. The Ealing PSHE scheme of work was developed in 2017 by the Ealing Health Improvement Team in conjunction with 6 local primary schools.

How was the scheme of work created?

It was decided that safeguarding should be the golden thread throughout the new

scheme of work. The working party felt that there were so many topics linked to

Safeguarding that needed to be embedded in the scheme of work, that teaching pupils the skills to keep themselves safe in all areas of their lives would be more beneficial than teaching separated safeguarding topics.

What are the key themes?

The PSHE curriculum is mapped across three themes: Health and Wellbeing, Living in the wider world and Relationships. It was decided that each school term would have a new theme that would stretch across the school so that all children were learning the same theme but at a different depth.

These three themes were chosen as they link to the PSHE Association guidance. Using this mapping, Ealing created long and medium term plans that supported the new PSHE curriculum. Within this is embedded as many themed events as possible, such as Anti-Bullying Week, into the scheme. This means that the delivery of PSHE remains relevant and is not a disjointed approach and whole school assemblies could be tailored to support the curriculum.

We believe that by building self-confidence and resilience,  the Scheme of Work supports our curriculum aim of ensuring children feel confident in their abilities, and know how they can make a difference.

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