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Oldfield Primary School

A community of proud and resilient children who are learning to take their place in the world.

Ofsted March 2022: 

Pupils in this school do their best to live up to the school’s vision of ‘pride through achievement’. They work hard to be successful in lessons. They strive to do things well and they take pride in their work. Pupils enjoy learning across all the subjects they are studying and typically achieve well.



Welcome to Oldfield

Headteacher – Mr. J. McCormack

Here at Oldfield we prioritise high academic standards in all subjects. In addition, we ensure pupils have a strong appreciation of their locality, culture and how they can make the most of the learning opportunities in London.

We also teach children to set themselves high expectations, have confidence in their abilities and to know when they need resilience to meet a challenge.  Oldfield children are “Ready to take their place in the world" 

Please contact the school for a visit: we would be delighted to show you how our children thrive from the support we give.